The List

If you don’t have a ‘list’, I am beyond jealous. My list is so long it’s started to scare me into thinking I might be single forever if I add one more thing onto it.



Don’t get me wrong, I love my list, in fact I think it’s pretty up there as far as lists go. My perfect boy list is so detailed that if I ever do find someone who ticks even 50% of the things on there, it would be pretty impressive. There’s nothing about physical appearance though, and I think that’s down to me not actually having a “type” in terms of looks - which is pretty phucking obvious if you even put just two of the guys I’ve liked next to each other. In fact, sometimes I do think “shit you must’ve really made my heart beat fast” when I look back at some of the guys because I really must have fallen for their personality...


Anyways, back to the list. Do I recommend one? HELL NO. Is it fun to have one? 100%.


I love going through mine (yeah, it is an ACTUAL list I wrote out), and seeing where people stand. I don’t know if I expect anyone to really live up to it because it is SO specific. But I do think it’s actually useful in figuring out what the deal breakers for you are, and what things are really important. And let’s be real, if you have taken anything from this whole site, it’s that I am CUT THROAT when it comes to deal breakers. I’ll go from being so into someone to being COMPLETELY put off - and when I say completely I mean COMPLETELY.


Yeah, I probably shouldn’t be like this but I am. And I love it, it’s such a time saver. There are some things I could learn to love, like music taste for example. You’ve seen my playlists, it’s pretty basic, feel good shit. One guy fully transformed the playlists on my phone and got me really into a whole different type of music that I had never really been into before. I mean, I won’t lie, a couple of years later and I AM BACK with my feel good music. Although, a lot of that has to do with that music now fully reminds me of him and let’s be real, moving on and getting over IS NOT a forte of mine. But sometimes that doesn’t work, for example, mr techno never got me to ride that wave. Like I was never going to sit and listen to that shit with you (so sorry if that’s your thing...).


You’re probably thinking “what about compromising?”, sweetie, I’m the walking version of “I wanted a dog, my boyfriend didn’t, so we compromised and got a dog”, that’s just the way I am (but I am LOYAL BABE - if you didn’t watch love island, sorry but I’m totally leaving you out).


Let’s get down to it though, I’ll show you the list. Looking at it now it doesn’t look too crazy, and I don’t think it is really.


  • Funny

  • Not too crazy/ doesn’t do the crazy drunk thing and tell me he has a hangover all the time

  • Kind

  • Gentlemanly

  • Family oriented

  • Straight

  • In love with me (like really in love w me)

  • Smart af

  • Good style

  • Quite serious (maybe a little quirky)

  • Smells good all the time

  • Has a cool group of friends

  • Comes from a good family

  • Lives on his own (preferably)

  • Likes to just chill with me, don’t have to always be doing something

  • Supports everything I do, number one fan in life

  • Helps with anything and everything

  • Asks for my opinion on things he’s working on and actually cares about what I have to say

  • Gets on w my family/ friends

  • Good at making conversation with anyone

  • Good in any situation

  • Can take control of situations

  • Super motivated and into whatever he’s doing

  • Can make a good time out of anything

  • Makes me feel super safe in any sitch

  • Can drive

  • Has an answer for everything

  • Quite laid back

  • Does not just talk about himself

  • Does not do loads of drugs

  • Preferably doesn’t smoke

  • Good music taste

  • Knows cool places to go

  • Plans stuff spontaneously

  • Has a good rep

  • Witty

  • Not cheesy/ doesn’t make me cringe.


Okay, it’s crazy. But we kinda like that here...