The App You NEED To download ASAP

Ok so let me set the scene - you’re out with your girls, you’re FEELING yourself, having a good time when some weirdo comes up and attempts to flirt. You politely decline, he gets forceful, gets a little too close, makes you real uncomfortable and the people that work where you are, are watching this sitch and doing nothing… yeah, we’ve all been there.

But like HELLO it’s 2019 (!!!!!!), I don’t want to have to feel stressed on a night out about some creep coming at me with some weird pick up line. Cue MissMap, if you don’t have it already downloaded, you need to RIGHT NOW.

MissMap is like Yelp for the best girls night out ever, their slogan ‘know before you go’ is ode to the fact that you can check out all the places near you and their ratings by other ladies and their experiences. Literally just download the app, and straight away it’ll give you anywhere you want and the rating. No need to stress about showing up and not being respected.

Think about it, if somewhere is getting loads of reviews for women not feeling respected and comfortable, something has got to give and hopefully management will catch on and step in. The app is pretty new as well, so odds are you can be the first to get the ball rolling. I don’t know about you but I fucking love being the first to do something, so rate where you are right now!

I mean I’m down for somewhere that I can have my pornstar martini and not have to worry about every Sam, Matt and Harry getting all up in my grill. AND their insta is cute (maybe I’m bias😉) and so on brand with this new revamp.