virgo szn

This is the last post I’m writing before I head back to the city for my last year of uni - for now. I’m sat here with my blood orange tea (ICED - obviously) courtesy of the skinny confidential listening to, you guessed it, the sex and the city soundtrack. Am I becoming predictable at this point? Probably.


The end of summer is a funny time because on one hand it’s sad, the holidays are coming to an end but on the other hand, IT’S VIRGO TIME BABY!

I wait all year for virgo season, mostly because it’s my BIRTHDAYY (!!!!) season. This year is a good one as well because I’m turning 21 which seems completely insane, especially because sometimes I feel like I’m still 17.

Seventeen was a good year for me, it was one of those few years where I actually felt exactly my age. I felt like everything I did and experienced at 17 was exactly what I was supposed to at 17. But I remember desperately wanting to turn 17, it felt older than 16 but you were still not 18 and you’re completely naive to so much. All in all I LOVED being 17.


Weirdly enough I feel the same way about turning 22. Yeah… not 21, 22. Is it because I already have my instagram caption sorted for 22? 100%. Does it happen to be straight from a Taylor swift Song? YOU BETCHA! But also there is something about 22 that just sounds sooo grown up, yet so young. But also, my 22nd birthday lands on Friday the 13th - which for me, has always been lucky. 


And since it is my birthday season, you can expect a gift guide (obviously not me hinting at things I would like… but if you want to, I won’t refuse it) because I’ve noticed when getting things for friends it gets harder as you get older and sometimes, something like a candle is EXACTLY what you need.


Virgo season is also the beginning of autumn, which in the last couple of years I have decided is my favourite time of the year. I can’t tan, so summer doesn’t do much for me. And winter is just way too cold sometimes. I also find it much easier to dress for the cold than the heat - not to mention I also have a huge leopard (FAKE!!!!) coat waiting for me in the back of my cupboard…


Also, if we’ve gotten to this point and you don’t know what virgo season is, well, I have no words. I am an absolute horoscope FANATIC. If I’m going to an event, expecting a grade, speaking to someone new, notice an ex like an instagram, you can bet I am checking my horoscope at the same time. Psycho? A little. Necessary? Absofuckinglutely. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I have read my horoscope and it has happened. And speaking of exes, I remember I brought this up to one and he knocked me so far off my high horse but a bitch got right back up and fought her case. He told me that horoscopes are written a certain way that they can be applicable to anyone and any situation. And to that I say: GET OUTTA HERE! I am OBSESSED with reading my horoscope and no ones opinion on them is going to change that but whilst on the topic - note to self: add ‘must keep all negative opinions about horoscopes to himself’ to my list.