A Movie Kind of Love

So if you have a netflix account, you’ve seen all the hallmark christmas movies that have come flooding in. And I won’t lie, I’ve watched them all. Yep, even The Princess Switch. And the fact that all these cringe worthy movies depict love as this fast happening, one hurdle only, magical, incredible, heart stopping, crazy, truly mad, deep THING, that just happens, got me thinking about it. I’ve had moments in my life where I’ve felt like it could have been out of a movie. And it’s made me stop and think about my favourite movie scenes (And maybe I should add, ‘enters my life in true movie fashion’ to my list😉) where love looks all too perfect.

Pretty Woman has to be one of my favourite films and the ending gets me:

And of course another Richard Gere and Julia Roberts classic would have to be the scene in runaway bride where they finally get married. You know where it’s just them and then all the friends come up the side of the hill - BIG FAN.


The ending of When Harry Met Sally also gets me, and more so because she fights it which is what I think I would do in the same sitch, you know, a gal doesn’t want to look easy;

The whole Big and Carrie Scene in the Sex and the City Movie where she finds all the emails he sent her of all the love poems and then they run into each other at the apartment. Imagine finding a bunch of messages that just never got through, or signs, or something and then it all falling into place at the last moment. I love it.



But also throw it way back to the beginning of the series and probably one of my favourite words ever, the best meeting of two characters and how I intend to meet my man:. The taxi scene and Carrie asks him if he’s ever been in love and Big answers with « ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY ».

I watched this next movie for the first time when I was 17 and I remember thinking I hope someone stands outside leaning on their little red car waiting for me. Sixteen Candles is one of those American classics that make you wish your high school sweetheart, oh my god no I hate that word, high schooooooll love, puppy love, you get what I mean - that that love could last forever.


Classic American though has to lead us to Ross and Rachel in the end of friends where she leaves him the voicemail and he’s left not knowing if she got off the plane or not... AND THEN SHE TURNS UP BEHIND HIM OMG.

i tried to pick a part of this movie that was the most lovey dovey but honestly I would be so happy if someone listened to a voicemail everyday that I left years ago and refused to get a new phone because of the message. I like to think someone does, but I don’t think I’ve left a voicemail in my life so it would be tough.

So if we hung out this year, I probably dragged you to The Greatest Showman because, well, it was AHMAYZING!!! But even on my 100th time watching it, the scene where they sing a million dreams fucking gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. After the first time, I went home and listened to the song and just the song got me in a crying fit, I called my best friend and she thought something terrible had happened and all I could get out was «  A MILLION DREAMS ».

Next up, let’s bring another classic to the table: the « I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her » scene in Notting Hill makes me want to cry. I feel like her being turned down on the spot rings all too familiar with a lot of people. BUT THEN HE GOES BACK AFTER HER. I can’t even. 


Gilmore Girls. I think Rory’s relationships are a point of controversy. I’m very much team Dean or Huntsburger. But here’s the catch, if you’ve watched the whole series, can someone please tell me WHO’S KID IS SHE PREGNANT WITH?!?!? 

And I’m just going to go and say it ladies but Christian Grey is definitely not a man to be missed. I mean there’s something intriguing about it all and quite honestly, I’m all in. 

I feel like I need to stop here because it’s making me realize just how far away I am from ANY of these situations occurring in my life at the moment. Hopefully though, bad luck in Love can be left in 2018 and the tables turn in 2019... please.