Right Person, Right Time

I never understood when people would say « right person, wrong time » because to me, if it was the right person it would always be the right time - definitely the hopeless romantic in me.

But now that I’m the age I am and most of my friends are the same age, the conversation about breakups and such come up and that is a huge factor - wrong timing. It pretty much goes hand in hand with “loving someone so much you have to let them go”.

My friend said that to me the other day “I think they were both so in love with each other that if they didn’t let each other go they would never grow as individuals”. We’re at a point where all of a sudden there is no set path, and no expectations but our own to meet. Whilst it can be fun for someone to be on that ride with us, this is also probably the only time that we won’t be tied to anyone.

Obviously being a third year student, the big inevitable “what next” gets thrown around all the time and when I pull out my answer I realize how lucky I am. I’ve mentioned packing up and going to New Zealand for a year, the fact that I can do that right now without thinking of anyone else is pretty fucking crazy. And I do think although I’ve been single FOR FUCKING EVER AT THIS POINT, it’s also been a real learning curve in terms of seeing relationships from a single perspective. For example, I probably would have taken someone else’s life into consideration when trying to decide my own. Whereas now, I can see how lucky I am that I don’t have to do that. And I’m not expecting it from someone else.

But what happens when it is the most random person at the most random time? This conversation came up really recently, it’s one of those really crazy things that happens. Sometimes you put people in boxes and sometimes they manage to slip out of one box and into another. The craziest part is when both people fall for each other at the same time, and the pairing is more often than not the most random of all. Imagine one day waking up and looking at someone you’d known for years in a completely different light.