Fussy AF

 “Fussy fuckers fuck fuck all” are the words a guy said to me when I told him I had cancelled on my date because I saw a certain pic of the guy that put me off. But it got me thinking, why shouldn’t I be fussy? I live in a time where I can be as fussy as I want. Yeah it may come at the price of taking FOREVER to find someone but let’s be real, when I find my man he will be PERFECT. I mean who knows what I’ll be able to write about...

You know when you’re at school and you have a limited pool of boys. You can kinda see the best and the worst of them, from there you often try to get the best (well the best in your opinion and God knows I’ve picked the worst at times). What I’m trying to say is you know what’s on the menu and you pick your best option. But when you’re outta there, the options are endless. The menu becomes a huge buffet that has secret rooms and all new dishes every time you turn the corner. And for someone like me who finds it hard to choose, I often decide to just... well... not.

Because I get it in my head that there’s someone better, I choose to dismiss people straight away if they don’t turn out to be EXACTLY what I want. And I’m not stupid, I know I shouldn’t do that, but I do, because I can. But also, a bitch has been single for long enough to know that she isn’t just going to let anyone waltz in. Who would wait this long to just go with any dude that showed some attention? NOT ME!!!!!!!

But in saying that, as the days go on, the pickier I get and the more unwilling to settle I become. It’s like when you go shopping for something specific and you can’t find it anywhere. But when you’re not looking for it, it’s in every shop. Or if you’ve ever watched Under The Tuscan Sun and the woman tells the story about the ladybugs, it’s the same thing - you won’t find it if you’re constantly looking.

Although, I’ll admit this. I know I’ve done a post about things to be happy about when you’re single but here’s something that has really come to the surface in the last couple of months as I’ve been trying to figure out what to do after uni. When I put all my options out on the table, i realize that the choice is fully mine. I’m not having to factor anyone into my decisions. Which I can see some people are doing. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, because believe you me if there was a man on the scene, I’d be thinking about it that way as well. But there’s something about not having to that seems all the more intriguing. 

Moral of the story is be a phussy phucker and phuck the rest.