Doppelgänger Love

So a couple of weeks ago I was swiping on bumble, as you do, and I like to say I’ve become quite a pro swiper. I don’t mess around. I reckon I could swipe through 100 people in a minute - which could be a problem. Anyways, I was swiping away and all of a sudden someone catches my eye, I think I know them. I shake my phone and go back. And can’t believe it, the guy looks EXACTLY like an ex. And when I say exactly, I mean for real I would have thought it was him. But I look at the name and it’s not his. So I try and find him on Instagram, nothing, Facebook, nothing - so I think, I’m just going to swipe him and ask for his insta. And as luck would have it, we matched and I pull a typical guy move, like what guy hasn’t thought this line would work “hey, I don’t use this much, what’s your insta? I’m way better on there” yeah ok m8...

So, he gives me his username and I’m convinced he must be related to this guy I knew - Nope. Nothing.

But how weird is that?! It got me thinking about whether or not you could fall for someone based on looks alone, but looks you had already fallen for. I get having a type, but could you have a doppelgänger lover? Could you give it a second chance with someone for the first time?

The way I see it is that you would end up thinking of them as that person and not who they actually are. And as the queen of making stories up for people before I’ve met them, I can tell you that the disappointment you feel when they don’t live up to or even just act the way you ‘want’ them to, is disappointing af. I think that’s why no two guys I’ve gone for have anything in common... at all.  My take on it is, if one person didn’t work out, then that’s clearly not my type and why would I go for someone like that again? But if we are basing it solely on looks I feel like that is a whole different ball game (quite literally).

If you could put someone else’s personality in your exes body, would you?