ten youtubers you need to start watching

I had no idea that people weren’t as invested as I was in YouTube. I feel like I live a side life with all the people I watch on YouTube. I honestly couldn’t even tell you when I started watching YouTube and to be totally honest a lot of the people I watch today I used to watch back when I was like 12. Part of me totally wishes I had picked up a camera and made videos when I was younger and that it would have taken off. But you know, that didn’t happen... anyways here is a mix of some of my favourite people to watch on YouTube. If you’re not into YouTube, well get into it.

  • Lauren Elizabeth: LIVE for Lauren Elizabeth, all things lifestyle, well being, health, beauty, VLOGS (HELLOO, yes pls)

  • David Dobrik: when I first found his videos, literally I watched them ALL back to back for days. I’m a big fan of sarcasm and the fact that his vids are all pretty much piss takes of ‘trends’ that Youtubers started taking on like clickbait and over the top pranks, I don’t know, I kind of like it. ALSO, any of the people in his vlogs, I would say I dabble in and out of their channels. ALSO NUMBER 2, if you’re into podcasts, he has a podcast called Views, I’m obsessed.

  • Claudia Sulewski: obsessed with her. Very lifestyle based, kind of like Lauren Elizabeth, kinda not.

  • Bonny Rebecca: I love her so much, want to be her best friend. Her channel is lots of vegan recipes but like really good ones and lots of vlogs and happy vibes and I’m so down for that.

  • Ellen Fisher: again vegan. I don’t really know how I started watching her videos but they’re all about her family living in Hawaii and their lifestyle and it’s all really aesthetically pleasing.

  • Blair Fowler (juicystar07): ok so Blair was literally the first beauty vlogger i can remember actually subscribing to. And I remember she put a room tour up and her room was literally bubblegum pink and she had a rainbow duvet cover and it was the BEST thing ever. She stopped making videos for a while but then came back with vlogs and you bet I watched them all.

  • Tana Mongeau: this girl for me is like the equivalent of watching a trashy tv show and I’m livvinnnngg for it. She’s dramatic, she’s way over the top and you listen to her stories and you literally are just left like ‘wtf’

  • HelloKaty: so these videos are much more like ‘conversation-esque’, I don’t know if you’ve gathered from this blog that I’m all about talking and talking and talking and this girl is all about talking and talking and talking. The same kind of talking you would have with your friends, very similar to the vibe I wanted to give off on here (although I make a couple more jokes, I like to think so anyways)

  • Brad Mondo: this guy has popped up super recently, his thing is ‘hairdresser reacts to (blah blah blah)’ but you watch him for five seconds and you’ll get why I’m obsessed.

  • Liza Koshy: I feel like I have to mention her, live for Liza. If you have this kind of humour, I like you.

Obviously (I don’t even know if I should say ‘obviously’ but anyways), I watch other people and there’s a lot of Youtubers I’ve been obsessed with for a while then kind of moved on from them. These are just the ones I’ve been eyeing a lot recently. If you’re not into YouTube I hope this has given you a bit of a starting point of people to watch and if you are into YouTube well, please can we bond over these people????!!