Morning Routine

I am NOT a morning person, I’m almost convinced my brain and doesn’t function until after lunch time. Anyone who has had to be around for when I wake up can tell you it is not an easy task. The amount of times I’ve heard “you sleep more than anyone I know” is so ridiculous that at this point I’m finishing the sentence as they start it. BUT, since I’ve been back in London, I have made a point of getting up early ( I say early, I’m talking 8/9.30 ish) and actually being awake in the morning. If I can do it, sleeping beauty can do it so you can do it. Here’s a couple of ways…

First off, do NOT use the alarm app on your phone, just don’t do it, it’s horrible. Instead, download SleepCycle. This wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase within a thirty minute time frame so it doesn’t just jolt you up out of bed. The best part about his app is that it (and I don’t know how) but if you sit up or it sense a drastic movement, the alarm stops and then goes off again a couple of minutes later and continues to do that until you manually turn it off. If you’re like me I tend to just wave my arm around by my phone so the alarm stops for a minute. LOVE.

So once I get myself out of bed, I’ll go and wash my face, do all my face stuff, then put my contacts in, make my bed (I know, you would have guessed) and lift up my blind. Weirdly, I’ve noticed just how affected I am by light and if my room is light, I feel fresh and clean and ready. So once I feel all those things, I’ll go to the kitchen and I know it sounds stupid but I get excited by such mundane things and I go through phases of being completely obsessed with things and at the moment that obsession is making fresh ginger tea. Oh my god, if you haven’t tried this, you have to, unless you don’t like ginger, then maybe don’t.

Super quick: grab a huge and I mean big piece of fresh ginger and peel it. Slice it up and put it in a pot with some boiling water and let it do its thing until the whole room smells of ginger. If you want to, add some honey, I prefer not to, but you do you.

Whilst I’m there I’ll usually make something for breakfast. I’m not a big fan of eating a huge meal that early, I just never feel great but I’ll usually make your basic avocado on either a rice cracker or toast.

Super quick recipe for this: mashed ado, squeeze of lime juice, a little bit of fresh chilli, chopped cilantro, salt & pepper, you’re welcome.

I’ll bring my tea and avocado back to my room and either do a reading for uni (I know, check me) or usually and most likely I’ll watch an episode of something like sex and the city or friends unless it’s Thursday then I’ll be all over riverdale and dynasty. Or sometimes I’ll even listen to a podcast, although I prefer to listen to those when I’m actually doing something where I can’t focus on a screen. (side note: am starting a podcast with my friend T, will be up within the next few weeks so if you have any topics you want us to bring up drop a comment, you can do it anonymously if you don’t want to put your name down there xx). Once I’ve finished my tea, I’ll make an iced coffee.

Super quick: black coffee, ginger syrup, almond milk ice cubes, thank you very much the skinny confidential.

As I drink my coffee, I’ll get ready, so I’ll do my makeup and get dressed and what not.

So these are what my mornings look like at the moment, hopefully they stay like this for a while because I’m loving feeling sourish when I wake up, it sets your mood for the day.