And A Happy New Year

Happy New Year! And merry xmas, kissmas (if you were lucky), missmas (more like my relationship status).

Hope the holidays were amazing. I have decided right Phoebe, enough is enough, get your shit together, stop being lazy and get this show on the road, or ‘words on the internet’. So hey, what’s up, hello, long time no talk, no nothing. But NEW YEAR, NEW ME!!!! or new year, improved (still improving?) me. I want to make this,, a bit more than what it is because at the moment I feel it is a very 2D platform because it solely relies on written piece. And although I think sometimes it’s more interesting to read about someones life because in a way you can make your own image of me in your head, I started to feel as though it wasn’t heading in the direction I wanted it to. But the problem was/ still is, that I’m not totally sure what that direction is. So for now, sit back and follow me as I try to adult my way through the next year.