Current Affairs

Hello Upper East Siders... Oh wait, that's me! (AHHHHHH!!) For 2 months at least. Oh my god though has it been a process. Because I'm interning here, I had to apply for a J1 Visa and in classic Phoebe style, I didn't understand the visa process. So there I was 3 days before my flight to JFK sitting in the American Embassy, visa less (is that a word?), stressed and worried af.

Lucky for me, being a kiwi has its advantages and I got the visa on the spot, but then my whole flight ended up being a mess because I got put on a different flight, which then got delayed so I ended up arriving in the city at 1am on Saturday morning. You know when something happens and people make jokes and then someone is like "it's too early for that", that is how I feel about the whole travel experience at the moment. But I made it to the accommodation, was given the key to my room, got into the elevator, unlocked the door and bam there was someone in my room. So I go back downstairs and get put in a room for the night. I only slept about 30 minutes because I had slept the whole 14 hours of the flight. At about 7am I decided I should just get up and go about my day, so I went to whole foods, CVS, starbucks and then went back to the accommodation only to realise I had forgotten my room number and because I was put in the room on a bit of a whim, no one knew what room it was. So I was told I would have to wait until twelve for the guy who was on shift the night before came in. I went back to starbucks and that's where I began writing this post.

Eventually I got in touch with the guy who runs my program and he knew the room number so I had time to go back and put my stuff away and then go out to the Guggenheim museum with some of the other interns staying in the building. After that we went for lunch and to Central Park. All I have to say about that experience is that the whole thing is SO AMERICAN, and I know I'm in America but honestly the feeling was insane. It was like watching a movie in real life. 

Then I decided I wanted to go to Target to get some things for my room, so we headed to Harlem (never head to Harlem), after we got back, I got moved to my new room and unpacked all my stuff and then by 8.30, I was out. I know this post is a bit random and not much like my other posts but I felt I had to lay out why there had been a lack of posts but not to worry (no one was worried, I know) I'm back to normal from now on. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, be ready.