Summer Drinks

So let's be real, all I have to say is pornstar martini and we could call it a day. 

But here's the low down on the other summer drinks I'm loving atm.

So if I don't order a pornstar martini and I see something quirky that catches my eye, I'll usually go for that, I love anything that has chilli in it, or just something random like rose gin (and obviously love a pink drink!). But half the time I regret my decision because the drink isn't all I cracked it up to be.

So instead, here are some other go to drinks that I'm OBSESSED with.

Spicy Margaritas, oh my god, if I'm not in the mood for something sweet, THESE are ah-mazing. I wouldn't say I was the biggest margarita fan, purely because I felt you could taste the alcohol a bit too much, but last summer, one of the girls I worked with turned my world upside down when she ordered a spicy margarita and made me try it. It's like the spice told the tequila to calm to f right off, you literally cannot taste the alcohol. LOVE.

Next is lemon juice and disaronno which I've just googled and found out is called a disaronno sour, but I've always just asked for disaronno and lemon juice and have always ended up with what I wanted. Recently when I was out for drinks and ordered this at the bar, the two friends I was with decided they were going to have it too and were hooked, it's not sour at all, it's just super fresh. But you only need one or two and you are verging on drunk, so please don't forget some h2o in between.

Lastly, Mojitos!!!!! These were MY DRINK a while ago, and I actually did a whole post on them that I never posted so keep your eyes peeled because that will be going up. It's a strawberry mojito that I PERFECTED. Before I started drinking, I used to order virgin mojitos because they were so yum, I've always had a thing for drinks regardless of if they had alcohol or not and I remember this being one of my faves.

So if you've been a bit lost in what to order, I hope this makes you want to try something new. If you have a favourite drink let me know because this list needs to grow...