London Food Guide - My Top RECOMMENDATIONS!

Everytime I get asked where we should go for dinner, for drinks, for brunch, for lunch, for coffee (you get it), my mind literally draws a blank. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. But I have officially made a list that is set in stone so that when it does draw a blank, i have something to look to, and so do you. I’ve tried these places again and again, so I’m not basing this off of one offs. 

This is my guide to eating your way through London.

31 Below

This place is super cute and quirky and is also super versatile. Brunch up top and bar downstairs. I love going here when I need somewhere that I know won’t let me down. ‘Where should we go phe?’ 31 below. It’s easy, it’s breezy and I think you’ll like it here.

My rec: Bloody Mary, extra spicy 

Coco Momo

Staying in Marylebone, Coco Momo is perfect for a Sunday brunch. Maybe you’ve had a few too many the night before, coco has you covered. Their waffles are AH MAY ZING. I always get one as a side to share with whoever I’m with. 

Caravan Fitzrovia

This is one of my favourite places, it has a real warehouse vibe about it. It’s super bright as well when you go in the day, but then if you go in the evening it’s very Vibey - think lots of candles and black frame windows. It’s also got a little cafe in the front so you can run in for a coffee to go, or take your laptop and set up shop for the day.

My rec: jalapeño cornbread


This is gold. Everyone I take here instantly is like oh my god, I love this place. It’s all Italian, and reeeeal italian. The portions are perfect, the pasta is amazing and the people are some of the nicest you’ll come across in London. Don’t be put off by the tacky vibe, it’s all part of the experience and trust me, you’ll walk out and realize you’ve just found your little London gem.

My Rec: the mango sorbet (TRUST ME)

Sticks n Sushi

This place is like a cult classic for me. I’ve been going here since my first year at uni. It is great for lunch but also really vibey again at dinner. If you are a group, this place is great for just ordering loads then splitting it. I wouldn’t die for the drinks, but they are good enough.

Blame Gloria/ Tonight Josephine

So these two bars are owned but the same people, the actual bars are different but the drinks menus are exactly the same. Blame Gloria, think flower power, jimi hendrix, very cool, very disco - check the bathrooms out (I’m talking disco balls above the toilet!). Then Tonight Josephine - PINK. PINK EVERYWHERE. 


The Soho Hotel

So any of the firm dale hotels for brunch are a must! They all have the same menu but in terms  of my favourite vibe - the Soho is my top pick. It holds a really special place in my heart because it marks the beginning of my love affair with London. For my 13th birthday, my parents brought me to London and we stayed in the hotel, had hummingbird bakery cupcakes and watched west end shows for a whole weekend. Needless to say, London had my heart after that.

Dirty Bones

Another Soho moment, Dirty Bones is a buzzy little spot in the middle of Kingly Court. It has a real New York feel. It’s loud, crammed and exactly what I like sometimes. Don’t go here if you want to have a serious conversation, but a quick catchup, ABSOLUTELY. They actually have another one just down the road which is a bit quieter and more chilled out, so I guess they’ve got you covered. 


If you like this type of thing aka lots of recs, let me know because I’ve got a couple up my sleeve.