Iced Coffee

So I'm definitely more of a cold drinks gal than a hot drinks one. Even in the middle of winter I'll be sat there with ice in my water. So every morning, I'll make an iced coffee and I think I have PERFECTED the best iced coffee I've ever made. 

Since NYC, I haven't found a really good cold brew coffee, and I've tried, it's just not the same. So i've reverted back to coffee, ice, milk. But very specific kinds of each. After trying every nespresso pod, I have officially decided caramellito is a bit of phephebellito. So I fill my cup with ice (I say cup, I mean mason jar because I'm THAT GIRL), make the coffee directly over the ice and then this is the most important addition - the milk.

After trying about EVERY dairy free milk on the market I have officially found the BEST one for coffee, the Oatly Barista Edition Oat Milk. Literally is the best, better than normal milk, yeah I just said that. Then I mix it all up and down that because it's too good I can't drink it slowly.