Hangover 101

So I attended my first Office Christmas party, and rumour has it, Christmas parties are happening left right and centre in London. So I am here to bring you the best tips and tricks (omg WHO AM I?!) so you don’t take any Ls and do actually bounce back. Because I’ll tell you what, gone are the days of the cutesy hangovers which actually were just code for “hey check me, I DRINK!”, and make way for the worst mornings of your life. Hangovers just aren’t what they used to be. I hadn’t had a hangover until about halfway through my first year at uni and then BAM, like a ton of bricks I got about 4 years worth of hangovers in one go. Not great… In fact, soooo not great that it actually put me off drinking for a while (emphasis on a while, hand me a pornstar martini because this girl ain’t scared no more!).

I used to just take two Panadol Nights and sleep until the hangover wore off. And you know, it wasn’t the worst. But it did mean I lost so much time just sleeping and I would still wake up feeling groggy and just not my best. Now, I would say I have finessed the routine. And when I say now, I mean literally in the last week. Because last week, I did more drinking than I have in the last three months. All of a sudden everyone and their mother was planning stuff. And I was feeling that whole “I’m fun, fresh, phe moment” so I went along to everything.

And here is the secret to waking up and being totally fine the next day - and I’m talking ready to go at 10am. First, water, water, water. I ordered these Babz cups on amazon for 6 pounds and they are great. Because they have lids and straws, they don’t spill, which you know is a total possibility on this occasion. Ok, this is key here - preparation. I use all three. So first I fill one with filtered water and put it in the fridge, at this point you should know I like my drinks cold. And being intoxicated does not affect my taste in drinks, though some may debate it affects my taste in boys… The next one I just fill with ice and keep it in the freezer. The last one, I make charcoal lemonade (activated charcoal, lemon juice, maple and filtered water) and keep that in the fridge for the morning after.

When I get home, I have a huge cup of water and then go take my makeup off and have a shower. Then I go and grab my babz full of water that has been in the fridge and my babz that is full of ice. I put them both on my bedside table and I take two Milk Thistle tablets. These have CHANGED THE GAME. I had heard about them for ages but just always kind of stuck to my panafon nights then after a drunken chat whilst looking for my panadols led to “you should get milk thistle” and I thought “yeah, maybe I should”. You can get them super cheap in Holland and Barrett and I would pick some up before the rest of the Christmas Parties and NYE!! After that I take a panadol night, just one, because I’m usually still on a sugar rush or a high from the night (not drugs because… well look at me, I’d look ridiculous) and need something to just knock me out.

The next morning, I go straight to the kitchen and have my charcoal lemonade. This helps just detox you and absorb any of the toxins. If I’m still feeling a little groggy I’ll have one Milk Thistle tablet, but I’m usually dandy at this point.

I would defo recommend grabbing these before your next night out and let me know if it helped, which I can ASSURE you, you may not admit it, but it will be the best thing EVER!