But First, Coffee.

Now I know encouraging someone to drink coffee isn’t the best thing to do. BUT New York (where I am, in case you live UNDER A ROCK) runs on coffee. Coffee to New Yorkers is like fuel to cars (except Teslas *David Dobrik alert*). As I wrote that, mine arrived at the table. And now I’m sat here debating whether or not I should take a picture to prove it…Ok done, I did it - hence the thumbnail of this post and my latest instagram post (*@lavieestphephebelle). I feel the weirdest part of this picture or maybe the most surprising is that I am actually handwriting as opposed to typing this. The reason being I find it so satisfying using paper and pen. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always handwrite them, but sometimes when I’m feeling super arty farty I do. Anyways, back to coffee.

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I’ve always loved the taste of coffee - from frappucinos (basic white girl from day one) to cakes and macaroons. The flavour of coffee is one I really like but only recently have I converted to someone that drinks straight coffee. Well I say straight, it’s iced - HAS TO BE ICED. Hot drinks don’t really do it for (hot boys do though). For a long time, I was attached to my iced white chocolate mocha with soy milk. The soy milk is crucial to the taste. I got my friend hooked on these and the soy milk made all the difference. But after I tried cutting back on dairy, I couldn’t get these anymore even with the soy milk. So instead, I swapped oner to iced lattes with soy milk with caramel sauce. But then I found out most caramel sauces actually contain dairy (phml). So now, I drink iced coffee. That’s it. Iced. Coffee.

And not only have I become I hard core coffee drinker, but I would also consider myself somewhat of a coffee connoisseur (please get the sarcasm in this). No but on a serious note, I feel I can actually tell good coffee and bad coffee whereas before all I’d be able to comment on coffee was that it was coffee. And here’s the big shocker I think you will remember from this post, especially if you know me even the slightest - starbucks coffee, no. I have learnt to appreciate good coffee and starbucks I’m sorry we had a good run,  but you do not have good coffee (although your Pink Drink - GEE-NEE-OUS). But this post isn’t just about drinking coffee (oh no phephebelle.com is SO much more exciting than that) I’ve also jumped on the Frank Body Coffee Scrub train. This stuff, oh my god. It smells, amazing, scrubs amazing and makes me feel amazing. If you’ve never heard of this scrub, you were clearly not on instagram a couple of years ago when EVERY(.) SINGLE (.) beauty person was taking pics of themselves in the shower covered in coffee and captioning their pic #letsbefrank. And although I don’t have that pic to show you because let’s be frank, the only thing that would be covered in coffee and probably broken from attempting to do this, would be my phone. 

So just to make sure this post wasn’t a complete waste of your time considering all you’ve got so far is that I’m a bad ass bitch who likes her coffee black and on her body (please read that the innocent way), here is a little list of my favourite places to get coffee in NYC:

MUD Coffee, 307 E 9th St (where I started this post)

Hudson Market, 303 10th Ave

FIKA, 1331 Lexington Ave

Birch (like Bitch but an R instead of the T x)(where I finished this post)

If you don’t live in New York or plan on coming here any time soon, sorry but this was a total complete and utter waste of your time.


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