Dance La Cucaracha, Drink La Kombucha

Since being in New York, my love for Kombucha has spiralled out of control and become a bit of an addiction. Not that I am complaining, because unlike most addictions, this one has only been good for me. The benefits have been so noticeable that I couldn’t help but write something about it - hence this post. The benefits have not only been physical but mental as well and slowly BUT SURELY I have noticed a change in my mood/ attitude. 


If you don’t know what kombucha is, (you clearly didn’t have a mum like mine that had a weird jug of it brewing in the kitchen to which every friend I’ve ever had has asked me what the phuck it was) it's basically fermented tea. You pretty much have a large jug of tea and sugar that is fermented with a ‘scoby’ (not the doobidoo kind) which is a ‘symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast’ (what?). The scoby works to turn sweet tea into a probiotic drink. I take probiotic vitamins everyday, so this is another way of getting the job done but also a million other jobs. 


Along with eliminating gluten and dairy, drinking a glass of kombucha everyday has left me in better moods, with more energy (this girl went to a soulcycle class), better skin complexion and overall just feeling amazing. I know though that kombucha isn’t a magic drink and that it is an accumulation of things that have led to this (skincare, diet, exercise) but I know it has played a role in this change. 


Kombucha is supposedly suppose to support liver detoxification, bettering your pancreas function, aiding digestion, helping with anxiety/depression, weight loss (kinda still waiting on that one) and increasing you energy levels. Along with all that it is also the closest thing to alcohol in America that you don’t need to be 21 to buy. Although, don’t expect any wild nights getting drunk on kombucha. My favourite ones are the Synergy (!!Strawberry Serenity!!) and Health-Ade Kombuchas. 


Drink up baby,