What’s in my Uni Fridge?

It’s been a minute. No matter what I change my posting schedule to, I seem to never stick to it. So I’m thinking of not having one, maybe then I’ll remember to post more often? 

After asking on instagram (@lavieestphephebelle - shameless plug), this is what got the most votes so here it is.

I decided to stay in my same building this year at uni, so I have the same setup as most uni students where I share a kitchen with my other flatmates BUT I also have a mini fridge which I keep in my room for snacks and drinks that I can just have on hand. I know, lazy to the max but that’s what I am showing you today. However, when I opened my fridge I realised it was just full of drinks because my food is all in my kitchen so I decided to go through my snack basket which I have some my favourite snacks in.


So at the door of the fridge I have a weird amount of dairy free milks, reason behind that is because they all have different tastes that taste better with different things. Unlike normal milk, these don’t go off in a week either so that’s handy. KOKO is my favourite brand for coconut milk, they do a chocolate coconut milk which is really good as well. I usually put coconut milk in my cereal because to me it’s the closest texture to normal milk because it’s quite thick which I like. I use the Califia almond milk in my coffee sometimes if I can’t wait for it to cool down. The Almond Breeze almond milk, I use in turmeric lattes which I usually make in the afternoon.

I got beetroot ketchup which is SO GOOD. I’ve gotten into the habit of having a big breakfast or big lunch and having something lighter in the evenings and one thing I love is sweet potato fries and those with this sauce. Oh. My. God. So Good.

Above that I have three cans of rosé, and my reasoning behind this was most people at uni have beer which is sold in cans or small bottles. I don’t like beer, but I do like rosé.

And on top of that I have some ginger shots. I usually have 7, one for each day of the week but it’s Friday and I only have three left. If you live in London or near a WholeFoods these are always on sale for 2 for 2 pounds so basically they are a pound each. Normally, I get the plain ginger ones but went wild this week with the chilli ones. I recommend these ones, they are so good in the morning after a coffee they really wake you up.


In the main section of the fridge I have another type of milk - soy milk, vanilla soy milk. The reason I get this particular soy milk is because it goes really well with a particular cereal I like to have. Then I have two bottles of rosé, bare in mind those have been in my fridge for a while now, I don’t sit and drink rosé all day.


Below that I have charcoal lemonade. Since discovering this stuff, I have become addicted and drink one of these every couple of days. These ones aren’t as good as the pressed juicery ones but they’re alright. Next to that, I have Kombucha need I say more? (If yes, check out this post). Chocolate soy milk has been my weakness lately and I really like this one by alpro. And then I have water - not much really to say about this. It’s a human thing, we drink water.






Next to my fridge I have a little basket full of snacks, literally my favourite thing in my room is this basket. I always make sure it’s stocked because everyday as I walk out my door I grab something to take with me in my handbag. My choice of snacks at the moment are Skinny pop popcorn, Yushoi snap pea crisps, kettle chips (sea salt and balsamic vinegar), Urban Fruits dried mango and Super Sour Bear Yoyos. I have a mix of sweet and salty snacks that are easy to carry with me. 




So those are some things I keep in my fridge and my room. If you’d like to see what I keep in my kitchen let me know.