Feeling' Fresh - Weekly Phood Shop

I have become completely, utterly and obsessively in love with Amazon. The discovery of Amazon Fresh has changed my life. I mean that’s a bit dramatic but what isn’t on here. I waste so much time just browsing their selection of food and have put together the perfect order for anyone at uni or just anyone who needs enough food for themselves. This lasts me about a week to ten days, but obviously during that time I buy some fresh produce for specific meals I want to make myself throughout the week but this is the ‘foundation’ of most of my meals. 



almond milk

coconut milk

portobello mushrooms (I make a sick sandwich with these)

cherry tomatoes




some sort of cereal (changes all the time, normally I have cereal if I’m in need of a quick breakfast)

Genius gluten free bread

gluten free pasta



black beans

carrots/ cucumbers (chop these up and just keep them in my fridge)

SkinnyPop popcorn

Nakd Bars


lemons and limes


Obviously I have other things in my cupboard but this is the bulk of what I buy on a ‘weekly’ basis. Some examples of how I use these are:


Scrambled Eggs with cherry tomatoes and spinach (Add cumin in when it’s all cooking in the pan) on toast

Portobello Mushroom (roasted for about 20 mins) sandwich with spinach, avocado, dijon mustard, tomato, cucumber

Taco bowl (Quinoa with black beans, salsa and guacamole)

Pasta on a bed of spinach with cooked tomatoes

Avocado on toast (squeeze of lime and chilli flakes)


Obviously there’s a lot more you can do with those things but those are just a couple of things I really enjoy and are super easy to throw together.



Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 17.06.15.png