Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on one hell of a party. Oh my god. Already the name, like HELLO, LOVE!!! I’m down for anything rose, my friends will back me on that. This girl ordered ROSE ICE CREAM (who am I?!?). I’m a big fan of rose. So the fact that this is called ROSEhip oil, I’m already in. I just need to point out, i realize I’m talking about roses and the picture I’ve used is a blossom tree, but it’s spring, I’m feeling it, it fits the insta feed, you get the picture (ha no pun intended).

So I was in The Ordinary and let me set the scene. Covent Garden, me (fully equipped w my list of recommendations), about 50 other girls and only about 5 square meters to share. Needless to say it was hard to get to the products on the shelves, so doing what I do best, I reached out, grabbed what I could and hoped for the best. And luckily I ended up with this stuff. So I put this on right at the very end of my skincare routine, I slather it ALL OVER MY FACE. And I’m generous too. To be honest, I think my lips have benefitted the most from the oil. I’m not going to lie though, this is a real oil. Not an oil mixed with other things. This is oil. And at the beginning I was quite hesitant to wipe it all over my face. But thank god i did. For someone who has had/ still kind of has (not so bad because HELLO FACE SHAVING - GAME CHANGER) shitty skin, this stuff makes my face feel like a baby’s bottom (is that even still a saying????). It makes your face so smooth and bright. Have you heard that about a skincare product? “It brightens your face”? I have and I’ve never seen that effect until now, i wake up and go stand in the mirror and straight away (give or take a minute to put my contacts in) I can actually see that my face is brighter. A lot of that has to do with the fact that it actually lightens your skin, so it helps with fading scars from spots for example. Also!!! This may be tmi but if you’ve read this far, you clearly want all the info you can get... STRETCH MARKS. I get stretch marks on my boobs and I’m not too sure why (boobs pls stop growing if that’s what you’re still doing!!) but this really helps with that. So basically any kind of skin discoloration can be helped with some rosehip oil, even if just a little bit.

It’s also got anti ageing properties, if you want to get technical, I GOT YOU. The vitamins A and C boost collagen production and if you follow anyone who promotes skincare or wellness you will have noticed that they are 100% including collagen powders into their lifestyles. No powders needed here though. And your girl is 20 now, the anti ageing products need to be included now, shit’s getting real.