Lipgloss is Poppin

Who remembers that song by Lil Mama that went 'my lipgloss is poppin, my lipgloss is cool'. I remember listening to that when it first came out and LIVING for it.

I remember watching Paris Hilton walk around with her lipgloss in hand, not even a phone, JUST LIPGLOSS. If that isn't goals, I don't know what is.

But then it was all about the matte lips and I'm not going to lie, I was there for it but now I am OBSESSED with lipgloss and shiny lips. 

I think Glossier is partly to blame for bringing back the lipgloss (if you use this link you can get 10% off your order from Glossier, so go and get your own lipgloss ASAP ). And boy did they bring it back RIGHT. It is so shiny and luscious and amazing. Highly recommend.

But what I think I love even more are the Rimmel Oil tints. I got one a while back, I cannot even remember why I picked it up but the reason I love these so much is that even when the shine wears off, the colour is still super pigmented underneath. So you are left with this amazing colour on your lips.

Before putting anything on my lips, I ALWAYS exfoliate them. It's become part of my morning routine. I use the Lush sugar scrubs because you can lick the sugar off and let's be real, who doesn't want to lick sugar off their lips first thing in the morning?? I use the sugar plum fairy one which is only available at christmas but all of them are amazing and get the job done. Doing this also gets the blood flowing so your lips look more colourful.

If I'm doing a lipstick with a gloss over the top, I NEVER put the lipgloss applicator to my lips because then the whole thing just becomes an absolute mess. So I put some on the back of my hand and then use my finger to wipe it over my lipstick. 

On a sidenote, I'm on the hunt for a really good waterproof mascara now that my lash extensions are gone and my lashes need a break. Any recs???