Phavourites #2 - Facemasks

Phacemasks… Had to be said. I’m a huge fan of self care and facemasks are a huge part of that for me. When I put one on, that’s it, don’t annoy me, don’t talk to me, just let me be. 

These are my favourite ones:

This Glossier Duo - I would definitely say to get both (discount alert). You get a hydrating one which I focus on my forehead and then a detox one that I use on the rest of my face. I like to use them both at the same time but also I just listen to my skin. If it’s feeling quite dry, I’ll use the moisturising one all over, or if my skin is feeling like the city is really getting to it, I’ll use the detox one. That last one also has little exfoliating grains through it which feels really nice on your skin when you just want to feel clean and fresh.


If the dirty air is really getting to it, or I can feel my skin is going to flair up I would go for this one by Boscia. I’ve already written about this in my my Favourites #1 post you can find here. Nevertheless, I am still OBSESSED. And let’s be totally real, pulling this off is one of THE most satisfying feelings. This charcoal mask was the start of a real obsession with charcoal (shoutout to charcoal lemonade).


The last facemask I really like is Aura by Antipodes - which is a New Zealand brand, staying true to my country. This has manuka honey in it which, rumour has it,  has anti-bacterial properties which means if I feel a spot coming on I’ll throw this mask on and it usually stops any spots from getting any worse.