Lingerie 101

I don’t know about you, but I feel a million times better when I know I have nice underwear on. It’s almost like you’re walking around knowing that if for some reason you had to rip your clothes off you would NOT be mad because you are put together underneath. If you are all ‘free the nipple’, ’no bra’ life, you go girl, personally I love wearing really pretty lingerie because it actually makes me feel amazing. But throwback to 12 year old/ 13 year old me who had boobs that DEFINITELY needed a bra but refused to wear one for the longest time, I am a changed woman and I'm OBSESSED with having nice underwear. I think it's so key, and it's something we have that men don't, HA! If you don’t really know where to start, well sweetie here is a breakdown. I might make this a little series, so here are the first basic ‘lingerie’ pieces. I’m going stick with the word lingerie just so that as we build on it all makes sense, but in reality these pieces are more just everyday underwear that are NOT your cotton briefs from Marks & Spencers (not that there’s anything wrong with them, but let’s be real).


Let’s talk bottoms/ knickers/ panties/ whatever you want to call them. So I am the biggest fan of lace, love a good lace thong, obsessed. My favourite ones, of all places are from Gilly Hicks. If you’ve never heard of Gilly Hicks, it was an extension of Abercrombie and Fitch/ Hollister that was focused on underwear. It got closed down a couple of years ago (I was DEVASTATED to say the least) BUT last year it came back. Although, this time is was quite different, originally there was a lot of watercolour flower designs and now the brand image is koala bear based… Yeah, I don’t get it. But anyways, I’m still a fan of their more basic simple underwear because of the quality.


These full lace thongs are amazing, they have a wider band which I don’t know how but just seems to make you look a million times better, huge fan. And they come in darker colours which girls, we all know, the darker, the sexier, let’s be real. If you like lace but maybe want a bit more coverage, they also have these ones which cover a little bit more of your booty (not much, but a little bit). Either of these I love for everyday.


But then here comes the question of VPL - visible panty line. And let’s be real NO ONE wants that and there are a couple of ways to go about this so either stick with the all lace thong or you could go for these ‘no show’ thongs. I would definitely stick to thongs though, because let’s be real ‘no show’ are ‘totally show’ unless there really isn’t any material there. I’ve just spent ages trying to find this next pair of underwear but can’t find them on the Victoria’s Secret Website, although I am sure I saw them in store so I am going to do my best right now to describe them. They are the most PERFECT combination of the ‘no show’ underwear material in the front and then lace in the back - literally the underwear version of ‘business in the front, party in the back’. But these are ah-may-zing, they come as thongs or cheeksters as well which is great because you have the choice of more or less coverage. (Okay - I've found these which are as close as I think I'm going to get)


Another style of bottoms I’m a big fan of are these, they have the lace trim which gives them that sexy edge (quite literally) but then the main piece is spandex-y material and these ones even have a bit of glitter which you know, that never hurt nobody.


Now as we move to tops, the lace is still very much an obsession. Although had you asked me a couple of years ago, there is one style of bra I would stick to a much more structured bra, in specific the Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret. I have that style bra in just about every colour you could think of, but now I just find it makes my boobs almost too big that they look disproportionate to my body and it ends up in my opinion just looking not so attractive. And recently I’ve been obsessed with lightly padded bras, this one by Ted Baker is the NICEST bra ever, so much so I’ve bought it more than once. It’s black (bonus) with tiny little ‘gem’ things on it, oh my god, it’s to die for. Ted Baker underwear is a must all together, I think it’s a really feminine, girly line that comes to ridiculously good prices if you wait for the debenhams sale (major tip). Highly recommend their PJ’s as well! 

Another style I am OBSESSED with are bustiers. Oh my God, if your boobs are on the bigger side, these are GAME CHANGERS. Number one, they look sexy af. Number two, they’re super comfy. And number three, your boobs will thank you. Instead of putting the weight of your boobs on your shoulders, a bustier almost feels like it’s supporting you from beneath.


I’ve also really been into bralettes recently. I think if you get the right ones, your boobs can look so great. I’m obsessed with these ones from Gilly hicks, they go down your chest a bit, almost corset like. They also have pads in them so your boobs have a bit more structure to them, but it’s removable so if you don’t think need it, you can take those bitches out. They also do a halter style bralette which I would wear with a top that shows the straps because they are quite white but I think it adds a lil somethin somethin. Victoria’s Secret also does some great ones that have a wider band underneath which again just gives that little bit of extra support to your main girls. 


So there are some basic everyday pieces that I think are a great foundation of any lingerie/ underwear collection. I do seriously think if you get some pieces that make you feel good, it changes the whole way you look, your clothes will look nicer, you will feel better, it’s a win win sitch. If you found this useful and would want a follow up, maybe with some more fun pieces let me know by either dropping me an insta (slide in my dms girl), drop a like on here, a comment, drop me an email. Anything you want.