My Week In Outfits

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen all these before (if you don’t, you should @lavieestphephebelle), but here is my week in outfits.


Outfit #1


I’m wearing wide legged light was jeans from FIND but I’ve cuffed them at the bottom. I paired these with this black lace top from Bershka and my white pointed kitten heels from Zara. Note to self: NEVER wear these shoes into work, wear flip flops and swap into these.


Outfit #2


Wearing this little black lace slip dress from Urban Outfitters with a COS oversized blazer to make it a little bit more conservative/ business af.


Outfit #3


This khaki green culotte cropped (adjective galore) jumpsuit is from Zara.


Outfit #4



Jumpsuit number 2 is from Zara as well and is perfect for colder days because it’s long sleeved. The loafer slides are also from Zara (not that you can see them).


Outfit #5


Jumpsuit number 3 is also from Zara, as is the striped crop top I wore underneath it.


Outfit #6


The striped culottes are part of a set that I got from Zara, and the dark green shirt is also from Zara. This outfit didn’t match, but kind of worked.


Outfit #7


The lacy top is from Bershka and the denim shorts are from Topshop.


Conclusion #1


I shop at Zara way too much.


Conslusion #2


I love jumpsuits.