Phavourites #1

For the past four weeks I’ve been trying out/ loving/ totally obsessed with a bunch of new products and thought I would share them on here. These products have made such a difference to the appearance of skin and are just overall amazing.


I’m going to go in order of what I use first so not only do you get to know the products I am loving but also the way I use them - almost like a routine. 



I have always been into face masks yet never really get around to using them but this charcoal peel off mask by Boscia is so good I actually remember to use it. Usually I use this in the evening as it takes years to dry (aka 30 mins) so I turn on an episode of Friends (my new series obsession after I finished Riverdale) and let that baby dry. Peeling it off is so satisfying as well so the wait feels even longer.






After I was that off I use this jelly ball thing (also charcoal, also Boscia) and wash my face. Now I don’t know if it’s the fact that this is the coolest face washer I’ve ever used, that it’s cold on my face or that it actually does what it’s supposed to, but if you go out and get one thing after reading this post, THIS is the thing to get. It literally makes your pores disappear, makes you feel so fresh, tightens your face and literally gives you a GLOW. I love this ball of jelly so much I wash my face in the morning with it as well and it makes all the difference when it comes to makeup application. 




So right when I wake up (and right when I get back home… And pretty much anytime I see this product) I spritz my face with this rosewater. I don’t know why, I don’t know what it does but I love it, so I use it (logic at its best). And if I’m feeling extra boujee, I spray a little on my foundation brush when I’m putting my foundation on.




Ok these next three things kind of all go together because they are all part of a story (don’t get all excited, it’s not that exciting). So leading up to coming to the US I was trying to use up all my makeup so I could get all new stuff (new york, new me. new makeup… you get it). So I did. I arrived to a new city with no foundation. If you know me, you know I never do anything without foundation on my face so obviously I head straight to Sephora to buy one. I knew EXACTLY the one I wanted - TARTE Amazonian Clay Full Coverage foundation in the shade Ivory (me). I went straight in, bought it and came straight back out. I went straight home and put it on. Then went out and lived my life. I came home, and this stuff had separated on my face - result: I looked cakey af. Needless to say I was upset and disappointed because normally I am more than happy with drugstore foundations but decided to treat myself and then this happened. The city that never sleeps was about to have a girl who wasn’t going to sleep until this shit was sorted. I went straight back into sephora and decided to buy the brush that went with the foundation. Then I hung around the Tarte section waiting for one of the Sephora helpers to come up to me, and of course because I wanted one to, none of them did. I ended up asking one lady about it. I was stood there pointing at my face “Do you see this?! See how it’s separating?! Help.” So she asked me all about what skincare I was using. And I am a huge coconut oil fan, but I hadn’t used it since I had arrived in NYC so my skin was dry af. Anyways, bladibla, she ended up convincing me (not a hard job whatsoever) to buy this MILK makeup cooling water because ‘it hydrates, cools and is totally amazing as a primer so it will stop the foundation from separating’ and let me tell you, it totally worked. Moral of the story, I love these products… together.


Not that I have been smooching anyone (let’s be real), but if I had been, HUDA Beauty liquid matte lipsticks would be my choice of lipstick for the occasion. I have two colours that I alternate between but am always wearing. ‘Muse’ for a more nudey with a purple undertone and then ‘Gossip Girl’ (no I didn’t get this because I’m in New York… On the Upper East Side… Looking for my Chuck Bass… Swear.) for a more hot pink/ red colour. If I’m wearing a lot of darker colours I’ll tend to wear Gossip Girl. But on a serious note, these lipsticks are amazing (Bye Kylie). Although, you have to bare in mind they are matte, which sometimes I dig, sometimes I don’t. I always carry sexy motherpucker (not talking about me) lipgloss in ‘Rose & Shine’ by Soap & Glory. 



Even though I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and its appearance, I know it is not just the result of skincare, what I’ve been putting in my body (FOOD WISE, you dirty thing) has been just as important. Whenever I’ve been eating badly my skin reacts almost immediately. So if I make sure to drop the junk, these products are there to help me bounce back.