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How To Clear Your Skin

I wanted to expand this section a tiny little bit, so I’ve decided to add a new ‘series’ (can you tell how bad I want to be a youtuber?) to it: phephebeauty. Anything that is skincare, makeup, hair and that kind of thing will go into this fashion section as part of this series. 

 If you’ve clicked on this, you probably are not very confident when it comes to your skin. Join the crew. Together we are going to clear it, I’m getting there too. First things first (other than being the realest), I would suggest you cut out dairy for a week and just see if that has an impact on your skin because one of the main causes of acne and spots (I’m not talking puberty spots, if that’s all you had to deal with, get out of here! Just kidding, stay.) actually is the food in your body. By removing dairy from my diet, my skin has started to get better. And I know this isn’t me being crazy because while I was out for dinner for my sister’s birthday I had a moment of weakness and thought ‘phhhuk it’ and proceeded to have cheese balls and cake. Result: I woke up the next day feeling like utter shhhit and had a number of painful spots (volcanoes*) starting to form under my skin. NOT OKAY! 


But if it’s not a diet issue, there’s something else you should watch; what you put on your face. About a year ago, I switched out my numerous and expensive skincare products for one thing - coconut oil. This stuff is a miracle worker, I use it to take my make off and moisturise my face. Immediately after starting using it, I saw a massive difference in my skins texture and quality. By removing the hundreds of chemicals from my skincare routine, my skin was able to heal itself slowly but surely. A year later and my skin is probably the best it has been in over five years. Even without the change in diet. 


To take my make up off I scoop out some of the coconut oil into my (clean) hands and rub it between my palms so that it turns into a liquid. At that point I rub it over my face , focusing on my eyes because this stuff works so well at taking off mascara and eye makeup. Once I think I have rubbed my face enough, I get a face towel and run it under warm water then place it over my face so that the steam can ‘breakdown’ the oil, then I just wipe the rest of the oil off with the towel. 


Once all the oil is off, I splash my face with water and pat it dry. At this point I put the smallest amount of oil of my face as a moisturiser and let it sit for 5/10 minutes so that my skin absorbs the oil. No word of a lie, since doing this, my makeup goes on so much smoother. I have always been against moisturisers, I’ve always thought they were just making my skin worse. With a face covered in spots the last thing i wanted to do was slap on more oily lotions. But I swear to you, you will thank me later. After the oil has absorbed, I sometimes go in with a spot treatment if I think my skin needs the extra help (I use the Bioderma Sebium range). Any extra coconut oil I have left on my hands I usually just run through the tips of my hair to nourish them (literally coconut oil is amazing for everywhere).


Since switching to coconut oil I have seen a MASSIVE difference in my skin appearance so would urge you to try it if you are suffering from bad skin because I really am in love with the coco(nut oil). The one I would recommend is this one by Skinny & Co, it’s my favourite because it has been infused with essential oils which makes it really soothing and therapeutic. However, any of the Skinny & Co oils are amazing so be sure to check them out. 


But that’s not where it stops. Coconut oil is useful for so many other things such as moisturising your whole body aka looking like a sardine straight out of a tin for about twenty minutes. I’ve only recently started doing this and oh my god so smooth. Another thing you can use it for is whitening your teeth aka oil pulling (no kissing involved). Put about a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swoosh it around for 10-15 minutes everyday. The best place to do this is probably the shower but just make sure you spit the oil into a tissue after and throw it out because if you spit it down the drain it will solidify again and block it. I learnt this the hard way and flooded my uni room. There are loads more benefits to oil pulling such as drawing out the toxins from your body so make sure you go do some reading on it. Anyways, let me know what you think of this new series.