Mum Jeans

If you've forgotten this website even had other sections apart from the Liph section considering I haven't posted on here in a long enough time that I'm too embarrassed to actually write out. BUT, let's not dwell on the negative, I've pulled through and got you a quick little read.

Since I’ve cut my hair, the amount of comments I’ve gotten about looking like my mum are starting to get out of control (no offence mum). But I guess not only do I have my mums genes, I also now am very into mum jeans. Or as the americans would say, MOM jeans. Until I was about 17, I HATED jeans. I remember my mum buying me a pair and I just never wore them. I don’t know if it was the restriction they had, the colour, the fit, I don’t know, I just hated them. But come May this year, I have become obsessed with them. I have over 10 pairs of jeans in my closet, all colours, all cuts. I’m obsessed! But my favourite, and most worn pair are my mum jeans that I bought on a whim from Brandy Melville of all places. If you follow me on instagram, you would think these jeans are all I wear. 


The reason I love them so much is simply because I think they are the most versatile piece you could own. I have worn them on nights out, to fancy dinners, to the park, to 9am lectures (not my most stylish moment) these jeans can literally be whatever you make them. Here are a couple of pics of me wearing them (all instagram posts) in different ways for different occasions.



phe light.png