Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on one hell of a party. Oh my god. Already the name, like HELLO, LOVE!!! I’m down for anything rose, my friends will back me on that. This girl ordered ROSE ICE CREAM (who am I?!?). I’m a big fan of rose. So the fact that this is called ROSEhip oil, I’m already in. I just need to point out, i realize I’m talking about roses and the picture I’ve used is a blossom tree, but it’s spring, I’m feeling it, it fits the insta feed, you get the picture (ha no pun intended).

So I was in The Ordinary and let me set the scene. Covent Garden, me (fully equipped w my list of recommendations), about 50 other girls and only about 5 square meters to share. Needless to say it was hard to get to the products on the shelves, so doing what I do best, I reached out, grabbed what I could and hoped for the best. And luckily I ended up with this stuff. So I put this on right at the very end of my skincare routine, I slather it ALL OVER MY FACE. And I’m generous too. To be honest, I think my lips have benefitted the most from the oil. I’m not going to lie though, this is a real oil. Not an oil mixed with other things. This is oil. And at the beginning I was quite hesitant to wipe it all over my face. But thank god i did. For someone who has had/ still kind of has (not so bad because HELLO FACE SHAVING - GAME CHANGER) shitty skin, this stuff makes my face feel like a baby’s bottom (is that even still a saying????). It makes your face so smooth and bright. Have you heard that about a skincare product? “It brightens your face”? I have and I’ve never seen that effect until now, i wake up and go stand in the mirror and straight away (give or take a minute to put my contacts in) I can actually see that my face is brighter. A lot of that has to do with the fact that it actually lightens your skin, so it helps with fading scars from spots for example. Also!!! This may be tmi but if you’ve read this far, you clearly want all the info you can get... STRETCH MARKS. I get stretch marks on my boobs and I’m not too sure why (boobs pls stop growing if that’s what you’re still doing!!) but this really helps with that. So basically any kind of skin discoloration can be helped with some rosehip oil, even if just a little bit.

It’s also got anti ageing properties, if you want to get technical, I GOT YOU. The vitamins A and C boost collagen production and if you follow anyone who promotes skincare or wellness you will have noticed that they are 100% including collagen powders into their lifestyles. No powders needed here though. And your girl is 20 now, the anti ageing products need to be included now, shit’s getting real.

Phavourites #2 - Facemasks

Phacemasks… Had to be said. I’m a huge fan of self care and facemasks are a huge part of that for me. When I put one on, that’s it, don’t annoy me, don’t talk to me, just let me be. 

These are my favourite ones:

This Glossier Duo - I would definitely say to get both (discount alert). You get a hydrating one which I focus on my forehead and then a detox one that I use on the rest of my face. I like to use them both at the same time but also I just listen to my skin. If it’s feeling quite dry, I’ll use the moisturising one all over, or if my skin is feeling like the city is really getting to it, I’ll use the detox one. That last one also has little exfoliating grains through it which feels really nice on your skin when you just want to feel clean and fresh.


If the dirty air is really getting to it, or I can feel my skin is going to flair up I would go for this one by Boscia. I’ve already written about this in my my Favourites #1 post you can find here. Nevertheless, I am still OBSESSED. And let’s be totally real, pulling this off is one of THE most satisfying feelings. This charcoal mask was the start of a real obsession with charcoal (shoutout to charcoal lemonade).


The last facemask I really like is Aura by Antipodes - which is a New Zealand brand, staying true to my country. This has manuka honey in it which, rumour has it,  has anti-bacterial properties which means if I feel a spot coming on I’ll throw this mask on and it usually stops any spots from getting any worse.

Lingerie 101

I don’t know about you, but I feel a million times better when I know I have nice underwear on. It’s almost like you’re walking around knowing that if for some reason you had to rip your clothes off you would NOT be mad because you are put together underneath. If you are all ‘free the nipple’, ’no bra’ life, you go girl, personally I love wearing really pretty lingerie because it actually makes me feel amazing. But throwback to 12 year old/ 13 year old me who had boobs that DEFINITELY needed a bra but refused to wear one for the longest time, I am a changed woman and I'm OBSESSED with having nice underwear. I think it's so key, and it's something we have that men don't, HA! If you don’t really know where to start, well sweetie here is a breakdown. I might make this a little series, so here are the first basic ‘lingerie’ pieces. I’m going stick with the word lingerie just so that as we build on it all makes sense, but in reality these pieces are more just everyday underwear that are NOT your cotton briefs from Marks & Spencers (not that there’s anything wrong with them, but let’s be real).


Let’s talk bottoms/ knickers/ panties/ whatever you want to call them. So I am the biggest fan of lace, love a good lace thong, obsessed. My favourite ones, of all places are from Gilly Hicks. If you’ve never heard of Gilly Hicks, it was an extension of Abercrombie and Fitch/ Hollister that was focused on underwear. It got closed down a couple of years ago (I was DEVASTATED to say the least) BUT last year it came back. Although, this time is was quite different, originally there was a lot of watercolour flower designs and now the brand image is koala bear based… Yeah, I don’t get it. But anyways, I’m still a fan of their more basic simple underwear because of the quality.


These full lace thongs are amazing, they have a wider band which I don’t know how but just seems to make you look a million times better, huge fan. And they come in darker colours which girls, we all know, the darker, the sexier, let’s be real. If you like lace but maybe want a bit more coverage, they also have these ones which cover a little bit more of your booty (not much, but a little bit). Either of these I love for everyday.


But then here comes the question of VPL - visible panty line. And let’s be real NO ONE wants that and there are a couple of ways to go about this so either stick with the all lace thong or you could go for these ‘no show’ thongs. I would definitely stick to thongs though, because let’s be real ‘no show’ are ‘totally show’ unless there really isn’t any material there. I’ve just spent ages trying to find this next pair of underwear but can’t find them on the Victoria’s Secret Website, although I am sure I saw them in store so I am going to do my best right now to describe them. They are the most PERFECT combination of the ‘no show’ underwear material in the front and then lace in the back - literally the underwear version of ‘business in the front, party in the back’. But these are ah-may-zing, they come as thongs or cheeksters as well which is great because you have the choice of more or less coverage. (Okay - I've found these which are as close as I think I'm going to get)


Another style of bottoms I’m a big fan of are these, they have the lace trim which gives them that sexy edge (quite literally) but then the main piece is spandex-y material and these ones even have a bit of glitter which you know, that never hurt nobody.


Now as we move to tops, the lace is still very much an obsession. Although had you asked me a couple of years ago, there is one style of bra I would stick to a much more structured bra, in specific the Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret. I have that style bra in just about every colour you could think of, but now I just find it makes my boobs almost too big that they look disproportionate to my body and it ends up in my opinion just looking not so attractive. And recently I’ve been obsessed with lightly padded bras, this one by Ted Baker is the NICEST bra ever, so much so I’ve bought it more than once. It’s black (bonus) with tiny little ‘gem’ things on it, oh my god, it’s to die for. Ted Baker underwear is a must all together, I think it’s a really feminine, girly line that comes to ridiculously good prices if you wait for the debenhams sale (major tip). Highly recommend their PJ’s as well! 

Another style I am OBSESSED with are bustiers. Oh my God, if your boobs are on the bigger side, these are GAME CHANGERS. Number one, they look sexy af. Number two, they’re super comfy. And number three, your boobs will thank you. Instead of putting the weight of your boobs on your shoulders, a bustier almost feels like it’s supporting you from beneath.


I’ve also really been into bralettes recently. I think if you get the right ones, your boobs can look so great. I’m obsessed with these ones from Gilly hicks, they go down your chest a bit, almost corset like. They also have pads in them so your boobs have a bit more structure to them, but it’s removable so if you don’t think need it, you can take those bitches out. They also do a halter style bralette which I would wear with a top that shows the straps because they are quite white but I think it adds a lil somethin somethin. Victoria’s Secret also does some great ones that have a wider band underneath which again just gives that little bit of extra support to your main girls. 


So there are some basic everyday pieces that I think are a great foundation of any lingerie/ underwear collection. I do seriously think if you get some pieces that make you feel good, it changes the whole way you look, your clothes will look nicer, you will feel better, it’s a win win sitch. If you found this useful and would want a follow up, maybe with some more fun pieces let me know by either dropping me an insta (slide in my dms girl), drop a like on here, a comment, drop me an email. Anything you want. 

Face Shaving

I remember I watched this video ages ago that must have been for a buzzfeed video or something and it was all about derma-planing aka shaving your face aka Hollywood’s best kept secret.

Over the summer I saw an article all about how to do it at home on a more regular basis using these little eyebrow razors. At first I was like HEEELLLLLL NAAAAHHHH I’m going to end up with a full grown beard (I’m still waiting for this to happen but so far has not occurred). But then the more I read about it, the more intrigues I got. And it’s less about Hair and more about dead skin.

This shaving process is basically a really REALLY effective form of exfoliation and I kid you not, since my first time I’ve never looked back.

You may be thinking “omg ew she shaves her face” but hear me out. From someone who has SHIT skin, it’s gotten noticeably better and I’m pretty sure that has a lot to do with the fact that I am consistently getting all the gunk off of my face.

ALSO, this is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to putting on makeup - so smooth.

Not to mention, it is SO satisfying doing it. You can order the se eyebrow razors - the tinkle - on amazon and get them in bulk for a couple of pounds. I’m OB SESSED!

Buy, shave and let me know what you think.

Mum Jeans

If you've forgotten this website even had other sections apart from the Liph section considering I haven't posted on here in a long enough time that I'm too embarrassed to actually write out. BUT, let's not dwell on the negative, I've pulled through and got you a quick little read.

Since I’ve cut my hair, the amount of comments I’ve gotten about looking like my mum are starting to get out of control (no offence mum). But I guess not only do I have my mums genes, I also now am very into mum jeans. Or as the americans would say, MOM jeans. Until I was about 17, I HATED jeans. I remember my mum buying me a pair and I just never wore them. I don’t know if it was the restriction they had, the colour, the fit, I don’t know, I just hated them. But come May this year, I have become obsessed with them. I have over 10 pairs of jeans in my closet, all colours, all cuts. I’m obsessed! But my favourite, and most worn pair are my mum jeans that I bought on a whim from Brandy Melville of all places. If you follow me on instagram, you would think these jeans are all I wear. 


The reason I love them so much is simply because I think they are the most versatile piece you could own. I have worn them on nights out, to fancy dinners, to the park, to 9am lectures (not my most stylish moment) these jeans can literally be whatever you make them. Here are a couple of pics of me wearing them (all instagram posts) in different ways for different occasions.



phe light.png

Phavourites #1

For the past four weeks I’ve been trying out/ loving/ totally obsessed with a bunch of new products and thought I would share them on here. These products have made such a difference to the appearance of skin and are just overall amazing.


I’m going to go in order of what I use first so not only do you get to know the products I am loving but also the way I use them - almost like a routine. 



I have always been into face masks yet never really get around to using them but this charcoal peel off mask by Boscia is so good I actually remember to use it. Usually I use this in the evening as it takes years to dry (aka 30 mins) so I turn on an episode of Friends (my new series obsession after I finished Riverdale) and let that baby dry. Peeling it off is so satisfying as well so the wait feels even longer.






After I was that off I use this jelly ball thing (also charcoal, also Boscia) and wash my face. Now I don’t know if it’s the fact that this is the coolest face washer I’ve ever used, that it’s cold on my face or that it actually does what it’s supposed to, but if you go out and get one thing after reading this post, THIS is the thing to get. It literally makes your pores disappear, makes you feel so fresh, tightens your face and literally gives you a GLOW. I love this ball of jelly so much I wash my face in the morning with it as well and it makes all the difference when it comes to makeup application. 




So right when I wake up (and right when I get back home… And pretty much anytime I see this product) I spritz my face with this rosewater. I don’t know why, I don’t know what it does but I love it, so I use it (logic at its best). And if I’m feeling extra boujee, I spray a little on my foundation brush when I’m putting my foundation on.




Ok these next three things kind of all go together because they are all part of a story (don’t get all excited, it’s not that exciting). So leading up to coming to the US I was trying to use up all my makeup so I could get all new stuff (new york, new me. new makeup… you get it). So I did. I arrived to a new city with no foundation. If you know me, you know I never do anything without foundation on my face so obviously I head straight to Sephora to buy one. I knew EXACTLY the one I wanted - TARTE Amazonian Clay Full Coverage foundation in the shade Ivory (me). I went straight in, bought it and came straight back out. I went straight home and put it on. Then went out and lived my life. I came home, and this stuff had separated on my face - result: I looked cakey af. Needless to say I was upset and disappointed because normally I am more than happy with drugstore foundations but decided to treat myself and then this happened. The city that never sleeps was about to have a girl who wasn’t going to sleep until this shit was sorted. I went straight back into sephora and decided to buy the brush that went with the foundation. Then I hung around the Tarte section waiting for one of the Sephora helpers to come up to me, and of course because I wanted one to, none of them did. I ended up asking one lady about it. I was stood there pointing at my face “Do you see this?! See how it’s separating?! Help.” So she asked me all about what skincare I was using. And I am a huge coconut oil fan, but I hadn’t used it since I had arrived in NYC so my skin was dry af. Anyways, bladibla, she ended up convincing me (not a hard job whatsoever) to buy this MILK makeup cooling water because ‘it hydrates, cools and is totally amazing as a primer so it will stop the foundation from separating’ and let me tell you, it totally worked. Moral of the story, I love these products… together.


Not that I have been smooching anyone (let’s be real), but if I had been, HUDA Beauty liquid matte lipsticks would be my choice of lipstick for the occasion. I have two colours that I alternate between but am always wearing. ‘Muse’ for a more nudey with a purple undertone and then ‘Gossip Girl’ (no I didn’t get this because I’m in New York… On the Upper East Side… Looking for my Chuck Bass… Swear.) for a more hot pink/ red colour. If I’m wearing a lot of darker colours I’ll tend to wear Gossip Girl. But on a serious note, these lipsticks are amazing (Bye Kylie). Although, you have to bare in mind they are matte, which sometimes I dig, sometimes I don’t. I always carry sexy motherpucker (not talking about me) lipgloss in ‘Rose & Shine’ by Soap & Glory. 



Even though I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and its appearance, I know it is not just the result of skincare, what I’ve been putting in my body (FOOD WISE, you dirty thing) has been just as important. Whenever I’ve been eating badly my skin reacts almost immediately. So if I make sure to drop the junk, these products are there to help me bounce back.







My Week In Outfits

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen all these before (if you don’t, you should @lavieestphephebelle), but here is my week in outfits.


Outfit #1


I’m wearing wide legged light was jeans from FIND but I’ve cuffed them at the bottom. I paired these with this black lace top from Bershka and my white pointed kitten heels from Zara. Note to self: NEVER wear these shoes into work, wear flip flops and swap into these.


Outfit #2


Wearing this little black lace slip dress from Urban Outfitters with a COS oversized blazer to make it a little bit more conservative/ business af.


Outfit #3


This khaki green culotte cropped (adjective galore) jumpsuit is from Zara.


Outfit #4



Jumpsuit number 2 is from Zara as well and is perfect for colder days because it’s long sleeved. The loafer slides are also from Zara (not that you can see them).


Outfit #5


Jumpsuit number 3 is also from Zara, as is the striped crop top I wore underneath it.


Outfit #6


The striped culottes are part of a set that I got from Zara, and the dark green shirt is also from Zara. This outfit didn’t match, but kind of worked.


Outfit #7


The lacy top is from Bershka and the denim shorts are from Topshop.


Conclusion #1


I shop at Zara way too much.


Conslusion #2


I love jumpsuits.



Loco 4 Coco

How To Clear Your Skin

I wanted to expand this section a tiny little bit, so I’ve decided to add a new ‘series’ (can you tell how bad I want to be a youtuber?) to it: phephebeauty. Anything that is skincare, makeup, hair and that kind of thing will go into this fashion section as part of this series. 

 If you’ve clicked on this, you probably are not very confident when it comes to your skin. Join the crew. Together we are going to clear it, I’m getting there too. First things first (other than being the realest), I would suggest you cut out dairy for a week and just see if that has an impact on your skin because one of the main causes of acne and spots (I’m not talking puberty spots, if that’s all you had to deal with, get out of here! Just kidding, stay.) actually is the food in your body. By removing dairy from my diet, my skin has started to get better. And I know this isn’t me being crazy because while I was out for dinner for my sister’s birthday I had a moment of weakness and thought ‘phhhuk it’ and proceeded to have cheese balls and cake. Result: I woke up the next day feeling like utter shhhit and had a number of painful spots (volcanoes*) starting to form under my skin. NOT OKAY! 


But if it’s not a diet issue, there’s something else you should watch; what you put on your face. About a year ago, I switched out my numerous and expensive skincare products for one thing - coconut oil. This stuff is a miracle worker, I use it to take my make off and moisturise my face. Immediately after starting using it, I saw a massive difference in my skins texture and quality. By removing the hundreds of chemicals from my skincare routine, my skin was able to heal itself slowly but surely. A year later and my skin is probably the best it has been in over five years. Even without the change in diet. 


To take my make up off I scoop out some of the coconut oil into my (clean) hands and rub it between my palms so that it turns into a liquid. At that point I rub it over my face , focusing on my eyes because this stuff works so well at taking off mascara and eye makeup. Once I think I have rubbed my face enough, I get a face towel and run it under warm water then place it over my face so that the steam can ‘breakdown’ the oil, then I just wipe the rest of the oil off with the towel. 


Once all the oil is off, I splash my face with water and pat it dry. At this point I put the smallest amount of oil of my face as a moisturiser and let it sit for 5/10 minutes so that my skin absorbs the oil. No word of a lie, since doing this, my makeup goes on so much smoother. I have always been against moisturisers, I’ve always thought they were just making my skin worse. With a face covered in spots the last thing i wanted to do was slap on more oily lotions. But I swear to you, you will thank me later. After the oil has absorbed, I sometimes go in with a spot treatment if I think my skin needs the extra help (I use the Bioderma Sebium range). Any extra coconut oil I have left on my hands I usually just run through the tips of my hair to nourish them (literally coconut oil is amazing for everywhere).


Since switching to coconut oil I have seen a MASSIVE difference in my skin appearance so would urge you to try it if you are suffering from bad skin because I really am in love with the coco(nut oil). The one I would recommend is this one by Skinny & Co, it’s my favourite because it has been infused with essential oils which makes it really soothing and therapeutic. However, any of the Skinny & Co oils are amazing so be sure to check them out. 


But that’s not where it stops. Coconut oil is useful for so many other things such as moisturising your whole body aka looking like a sardine straight out of a tin for about twenty minutes. I’ve only recently started doing this and oh my god so smooth. Another thing you can use it for is whitening your teeth aka oil pulling (no kissing involved). Put about a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swoosh it around for 10-15 minutes everyday. The best place to do this is probably the shower but just make sure you spit the oil into a tissue after and throw it out because if you spit it down the drain it will solidify again and block it. I learnt this the hard way and flooded my uni room. There are loads more benefits to oil pulling such as drawing out the toxins from your body so make sure you go do some reading on it. Anyways, let me know what you think of this new series.

Hand Me Those Hand Me Downs

Me being me, I’m completely intrigued by anything that is a little bit different. I love clothing that many people wouldn’t really pick up if they saw it in a store. But what I love even more than the designer stores and the high street (hand me a fur coat and call me Macklemore) are thrift shops because they are absolutely full of pieces no one would dare to wear anymore. Dig past the junk and you will be sure to find pieces that you never thought you would own. Proper vintage stores are the best options because they have authentic stuff, I always think the 90s were filled with some of the coolest clothes. Everyone looked like they were so put together, even in their neon workout gear. But sometimes the best vintage stuff is under the same roof as you (sorry mum). A couple of weeks ago my mum found this pair of Celine sunglasses she had from years and years ago, I obviously claimed them within seconds and have been in love with them ever since. There is something about the small frames sitting on the tip of my nose that make me feel like I just know wassup. That’s my favourite kind of look. After being obsessed with those babies for a while I was then introduced to my second pair of little sunglasses: my vintage Gucci sunglasses. Once again I was obsessed and couldn’t get enough.


Though you can be lucky enough to get vintage designer pieces, there are also high street pieces that have made their way into my closet from a thrift store. One piece which I purchased in a vintage shop in New Zealand was a Topshop coat. Though Topshop is a high-street store, the coat dates back a good twenty/ thirty years. The quality of the coat is crazy in comparison to what is being sold nowadays, most of which is lucky to make it past the season (I’m not dissing. New clothes every year? Yes puh-lease). Just like trends come and go, it’s quite nice to freshen up your closet with new pieces. However, with the lowered quality, it’s becoming harder to put these clothes anywhere but the bin because by the time you are done with them, they are done with being worn. Though the high street is perfect if you don’t want to put a dent in your bank account, the saying that ‘you pay for what you get’ couldn’t be more accurate in a lot of shops. But thrift stores often have the opposite approach, you pay less and get more, yeah it may have been worn a couple of times but sometimes, if you're really lucky, the piece still has the price tag on it and is going for less than a quarter of the price. 


But I’m definitely not the only one that has a love for vintage clothing and ridiculous designer discounts. In fact, thrifted attire has become a trend in itself. So trendy that some stores such as Urban Outfitters have completely ruined the whole principle of it. ‘Urban Renewal’ is Urban Outfitters ‘in-store thrift shop’ in which they sell recycled clothing (applause for the fact that they aren’t letting clothing go to waste) BUT they are selling the pieces for double or triple the original price (did I mention these pieces have been worn?!). I mean kudos to them for making a huge profit (can’t really tell if I’m jealous I didn’t come up with this concept or angry), but personally I think it ruins the experience. It ruins what thrift shopping is. Vintage clothing is one of my favourite things because it lives on, I don’t know how to say this without making me sound weird af, but you know how a lot of families pass things down through generations. For example, watches that get passed through generations and generations or wedding rings that make their appearance at more than one ‘I do’. Even though the moments and people pass, the memories and stories live in the piece forever. I seem to take this idea to new extremes considering I have McDonalds receipts from 2015 that I can’t seem to part with because ‘that was such a good day’. 


But when you thrift a piece of vintage clothing, the stories and memories are left to the imagination because you have no idea where the piece came from. Maybe my little blue Topshop coat belonged to a London school girl who came to New Zealand and fell in love with the kiwi fashion and traded in her preppy blue coat for something no one back in London would have. Or maybe it belonged to a crackhead who liked blue. Either way, there’s a story, a story I get to wear and add myself to. And on top of that it’s cheap. Even though there is something special when you buy a piece that is brand new from a shop and you know you are the only person that has ever owned the piece, a vintage piece offers more than just a look. Personally, I prefer pieces that are from a different eras because they allow you to mix different times together. Stylish pieces will never not be trendy, regardless of when you wear them.




I think this is an appropriate way to begin because these are the basics I think make my closet easy to work with (as soon as I wrote that I realised I spent a good half hour the other day saying “I have no clue what to wear” - I’ll justify that by saying I was having an off day). I know a lot (all*) of these pieces are monochromatic, but this is because until recently I had all these ‘pieces’ that I couldn’t wear because I had no basics to pair them with. So by adding these pieces to my closet, I gave myself a good foundation on which I could build my outfits. I now always find myself looking at plain white shirts or basic black jeans simply because they are so versatile in terms of building outfits. Also, I have found a new love for smart casual clothing, so a lot of these basics provide me with an easy way to make a casual outfit more sophisticated. 





The first thing and probably my most worn thing in my closet is my white shirt. But this isn’t a super tailored shirt, it’s a relaxed loose one that I have worn to absolute death, so much so I had to get another one. This goes with absolutely everything and gives you a very classy yet casual vibe depending on the cut and fit you go for.







Add a T to that and you get my next basic: a white T-shirt. This is a relatively new addition to my closet that I have been getting lots of use out of. I've always had white fitted v-neck t-shirts but I never wore them so I wouldn't consider that style one of my basics. Instead, I have gone for a round neck loose fitting one. Make sure though it’s crisp white and get a new one as soon as the white colour starts to fade (unless you prefer that).







A black ‘dressier’ tank top is also a necessity in my closet, along with a white one. These dainty tops paired with jeans can instantly make the outfit more sophisticated without looking too over the top, but of course make sure they are nice materials not stretchy tank tops that you wear with sweatpants.






Next a pair of black skinny jeans, once again I’ve had to buy a new pair because they were so worn out and the black had turned to a dark grey which I wasn't feeling. I had some with no holes which were probably more versatile because you could get away with wearing them to smarter events but during one of my many embarrassing moments (to be told another time, if you know you're probably shaking your head right about now) when I fell over (face planted) and ripped a hole in the knee. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because from then on I’ve been quite a fan of ripped jeans. I mean, I say ripped, there's a straight tear on the knee. Along with black skinny jeans are black leggings (high waisted is a bonus) because they have a similar look to black jeans just much more comfortable.






One thing I didn’t know I needed but I wanted was a black lace slip dress, which has definitely earned it’s spot on this list. This piece is so delicate and girly but can be worn so many different ways. Alone, dressed up, dressed down - it has definitely become one of my favourite pieces. 









A blazer is perfect if you want to make a casual outfit seem a bit more classy and exciting. Or make a more revealing outfit a bit more conservative. The one I have is quite long which I like because I can pair it over my slip dress and pass it off as a dress for a night out.









Last but not least, a denim jacket. This again is great for toning down an outfit whilst also making a statement. I prefer the more oversized look because I have a lot of pieces that are more on the delicate side so this adds a nice contrast to that kind of style. I also just think a denim jacket instantly makes you look a lot cooler than you are.






These nine pieces are what I essentially use to put together almost all of my outfits. By keeping these basics as BASIC as possible I am able to pair them with more exciting pieces and allow for all the attention to be on one stand out piece. But they also make it very easy to always seem (key word) put together. Now that you know the basics, we can only get more exciting (clothes wise)