me time es su time - my evening routine

So I don’t know about you, but self care for me isn’t a new thing but I’ll tell you what is: FULL BLOWN PAMPER EVENINGS. And I’m not even sorry about it, I’m all for it in fact.

2019 has been a year of taking everything to the next level and ‘me time’ was no exception. Here’s my perfect evening on a night that I’m not washing my hair…

First, I run a bath and use the Lush Comforter bubble bar, I’ve gone through about 4 of these in 2019 alone. They are the biggest bubble bars so I break them into four pieces and use them as I go.

Next, I’ll light my candles in the bathroom. I started off using really expensive ones but that’s just not happening anymore. Instead, I buy the Glade vanilla blossom candles that are more often than not, on sale for two pounds. WHAT A BARG! Or hit up TKMaxx, I would do that but I end up wasting about an hour just smelling them and then I can’t decide. So the glade one is just easy and efficient. I’ll also turn on my diffuser and put some lavender oil or eucalyptus oil and let that fill up my room. I’ll switch my salt lamp on so that the light in the room is just super low and relaxing.

Then I’ll put a face mask on, my favourite at the moment is this Tailor one. And I’ll usually leave it on for a while, even after I’ve gotten out of the bath.

Whilst I’m in the bath I put my pyjamas on the radiator as well as my dressing gown and then stick any favourite Ugg slippers under the heater as well. If you love slippers (I’m a hotel slipper fanatic), I’d highly rec these slippers, I’m OB SESSED to say the least.

After I’ve got out of the bath and put my pjs on I’ll spritz my pillows with a lavender mist because we love a luxe moment like that.

Then I’ll switch on some Grace and Frankie and just relax before I fall asleep.

Needless to say, a night out has tough competition when I’ve got such a perfect evening at home.