something special 2 me (playlist 3)

First playlist of 2018! I was listening to most of these songs back in October time and couldn’t get enough. Although back then, I was listening to them on a YouTube playlist because Apple Music doesn’t have “happy” by Natasha Bedingfield which oh my god, literally the HAPPIEST song EVER. This playlist isn’t a “let’s let LIT man”, no, that’s not this playlist. This playlist is just suppose to make you happy, I listen to this walking to uni (even when it’s raining, I smile the WHOLE way there), in the shower (haven’t slipped yet), cleaning my room (this process ends up taking way longer because it just ends up being a one man dance party) and most importantly it’s my morning playlist. When I’m getting ready this playlist is perfect, because it’s got a mix of chill songs, upbeat songs, ahhhh I just love these songs so please go and listen to them. They’re the epitome of a basic white girl playlist but idgaf (side note - IDGAF by Dua Lipa LOVE, love the song, love her).

I called it something special 2 me because it really is (CHEEESYYYYY), if I’m in a bad mood I play any song from this playlist and I get over it straight away. If my life was a movie, this would be the soundtrack.