If I Could

Do you ever sit and wonder if you could go back to a moment in time and do something over? If you haven’t, well this is awkward. If you have, join the club, I do it all the time. I know ‘you shouldn’t think about the what ifs’ blah blah blah but you know I’m only human (after all) and to be honest sometimes it’s quite ‘fun’ thinking about or imagining how things could have gone. One thing I used to think about, not so much anymore considering I couldn’t tell you the last time I fought with someone, but I used to always think about what I should have said in the middle of a fight that would have been a better way to go about it. I always seem to think about a couple of relationships with people that maybe didn’t need to end, or shouldn’t have ended the way they did. I could name two off the top of my head but knowing that there’s a chance that they could read this makes me think it’s maybe not the best idea, so maybe deep down I know that there’s a reason those people aren’t in my life. Just a thought.