Playlist 2

When I came home in April, I knew I would be driving a lot. And most of the time when I’m in the car I listen to music. And I remember sitting on the plane waiting for take off, I made this playlist thinking it would be a good idea to put a group of songs together that I could listen to when I was driving by myself and wanted something a bit more laid back. So here is my L8 Nights Playlist.


I know it’s not your fault that you love her

Why can’t we fcking get along? 

I write a text then delete it, “ily”

I don’t wanna wake up to no one, well no one but you

I’m trying to fix it, I’m scared it works

At times I wonder why I fool with you

I’m only acting like this bc I like you

Initially, I didn't want to fall for you

The closer we get, the less that I think I know you

I hate to say it but you're just my type

I might call you tonight, if I do, pick up